Saturday, August 20, 2011

A list that is really a story

1. We are going to Alabama Labor Day weekend for Dean's dad's interment.
2. I, with great fear & trembling, have been online shopping for an appropriate sun dress type dress for the occasion.
3. I, with great amazement and hallelujahs, found the perfect dress at the first store to which I went to! (That particular sentence structure is just for Deb.)
4. It is a sundress that is cut in such a manner as to allow one to wear, ahem, such foundational garments as one might require.
5. It is black, sapphire blue and green floral and rather a vintage cut. It is even lined!
6. Empire-ish waist and full skirt.
7. It is good for twirling.
8. I am not going to twirl at the memorial service.
9. I don't think so at least.
10. Now I am in search of fabulous black sandals and sparkly earrings.


Pat said...

I love it, great colors!
Your sister would twirl.

Odie Langley said...

Oh go ahead and twirl. Imagine who you would get a smile out of. Congratulation on getting things easily and I hope the trip will be an enjoyable one for you. I know it is not all fun and games but make the best of the opportunity. Have a wonderful weekend.

Trish said...

Ooh, I love this sweet dress!

Debra said...

Amazing dress! So glad you found the perfect one (now I just need to find one, too). :) Blessings, Debra

Jada's Gigi said...

Gorgeous dress!! and Here's to foundational garments! that make fabulous dresses look really fabulous! :)