Sunday, August 07, 2011


I don't like politics, don't like to discuss 'em, don't like to watch 'em, don't like 'em. Because of that and my belief that the United States depends upon the individual right to disagree I rarely express my opinions. But...
At the risk of using less than pretty language, it's time for us to grow a pair. We've taken "judge not lest ye be judged..." and turned it into the politically correct excuse to stop thinking, acting and standing for something. I may not be standing on street corners engaged in political debate but I'm pretty sick of it all. I'd rather see people (especially Christians) think and pray and be passionate and wrong than be surrounded by a bunch of panty wastes. I'm not even sure what a panty waste is, but I know it's wimpy and I know that wimpy is usually laziness and fear combined.
I don't like offending people. I really don't. But I do have a brain and spirit and heart with which to reason therefore my instincts bear as much potential for rightness as anyone's and those with a spirit-led mind should be able to speak their conviction. And now, I step out of the no offense zone to share my thoughts.
Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and the jury screwed up. I don't buy the notion that they really and truly wanted to convict but there just wasn't enough evidence. Bull. There was sufficient evidence but we are so afraid of judging (lest we be judged) that we can't figure out the difference between reasonable doubt and needing to see it on U Tube to believe it. Sometimes you aren't going to see something for yourself and yet you can engage that mass between your ears and figure it out anyway. It is my business, by the way. My country. My justice system. My business.
Barack Obama is president because God said so. I don't like him, I don't trust him, I don't think he is influenced by Christ and I believe he is capable of ushering in the end for America. I did not vote for him and I nearly puked as I pulled the lever that would have put Sarah Palin in line for the presidency. But God never lost control.
Speaking of Sarah Palin, she's an airhead. During a 20/20 interview as she was running for VP, she was unable to identify historic events as they pertained to her philosophies and she took several seconds to finally state that her favorite magazine was "Running Today", as in jogging -not for president. She makes ridiculous statements like she can see Putin from her kitchen window and then decides identifying herself as a rough riding Alaska outdoorswoman makes her the choice for the leader of the free world. I believe President Obama is president because a lot of people were terrified of Palin as V.P. I can't say I blame them.
The mess we are in economically was created by we the people. We the people who are approved for a mortgage UP TO $500,000 and take it to the max. We the people who never stop drinking Starbuck's and buying Coach purses as we demand funding for our children's college education. Yes, retirement funds were stolen. Yes, jobs were lost. What has that got to do with people who did not lose their jobs, aren't retired and sit around pointing a finger at George W.Bush for their lack of a savings account?
And W., the last president I voted for with a true feeling of trust. His mother Barbara Bush said she believed that he was the United State's Moses, that God had called him to do the hard thing and that she believed he was God's man and that she also believed that he would work and struggle and never reach the promised land. Wow. I voted for him in his second term as well but it was with sadness. It was knowing we needed him, the cowboy, the arrogant, the tough guy who was not interested in popularity. We needed him to finish the work God had for him. The work that may have been the last battle of one nation under God before we became one nation under gods. Like King David, President George Bush had to be the warrior but in being the warrior, he was single-minded in battle and his time of usefulness had to end.
I love George W. I love the fact that when he was in Florida and the secret service whispered in his ear that the towers had been hit, you can see a look of rage pass over his face. I love the fact that when he was back in Washington being briefed he said, "I just need to punch something, to kick somebody's ass," as he slammed his fist into his hand. That's the anger I felt, that I feel. I don't want a president who says, judge not...when we have been attacked. I don't want to hear about opening our arms wider to prove we are diverse as we embrace our murderers.
P.S., please, if you must be a bigot and feel the need to be a loud one; stop calling yourself a Christian. You are making it very hard for the rest of us to be taken seriously. You are a great part of the reason the left wing feels they have to pull so far to the left to balance out the fools with loud voices sitting to the right.
Judge not lest ye be read the rest of Matthew 7:1-6. Don't judge unless you're ready for the same standards to be applied to yourself. Take the 2x4 out of your eye so you can see clearly how to remove the sawdust from someone else's. Make yourself right before you presume to have the wisdom to draw conclusions.
Then go back to the Old Testament for a minute. God created a government of judges, the people demanded kings against the Lord's wisdom and God told them that their kings would abuse their power to trample the people under their feet. So we cried out for kings. And we said judge not. And we got used taking the coward's path of no opinion and thereby, no responsibility. But we are oh so very responsible. The Christian who will not judge is the one who cannot discern. No wonder we set murderers free and think hyperbole is courage.
I think that's it for now.
God bless America. God save America.


Lori Alexander said...

Amen! Preach it sister! I got goose bumps when you spoke about George Bush. Dennis Prager, my favorite radio personality, would always play parts of Bush's speeches to Iran, Israel, etc. that the media would play. He was hard-nosed with them and spoke truth. He stuck to what he believed is right but he was so maligned by the media. God is in control, however, and we can rest in that fact....and continue to pray and speak the truth to anybody that will listen.

Lori Alexander said...

I meant to say that the media would not play most of his speeches! They wanted us to believe he was a wimp but he wasn't at all.

Margie said...

whoa. someone got you riled up this morning! I agree with you! I didn't know about the George w. gotta kick someone's ass comment! wow!

I agree, and I hated flipping the lever for that ding-bat too!