Sunday, October 28, 2012

26th Anniversary

There are two times every year dedicated to vacationing; in the summertime with Daboyz and in late October for our anniversary. Alas, the 2012 vacation schedule has come to a close.
We returned late Saturday from our trip to Traverse City, Michigan.  I'd say it was our best anniversary trip ever but we tend to say that every year ;)
The Mr. reserved our room at the Cherry Tree Inn & Resort with a balcony overlooking the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan.  We spent an afternoon roaming around downtown, another day exploring the two penninsulas, Old Mission and Leelanau and plenty of time sitting in corner coffee shops and chatting or just staring at the amazing Lake Michigan shoreline.  We wrapped up Friday evening listening to jazz at a small restaurant downtown. 
When we arrived home on Saturday evening we built a fire in the backyard until it got too chilly and then relaxed in our sweet little house, sorry that vacation is over but as always, happy to be home.
God is good, everywhere and all the time.

From our balcony; fire pit in the lower right.

The Mr. at...

At the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, Leelanau Penninsula-Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan shoreline


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! Traverse City is such a wonderful place to visit, full of beauty in every season!

Pat said...

Great pictures, looks like a wonderful place for an Anniversary trip!

Mrs. Mac said...

Toasty memories .. thanks for sharing your special weekend.

Diane said...

Past the quarter century........this is when marriage really begins to be good! Thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us and your beautiful pictures. Glad you're home and ready to start planning vacation time 2013! I love you my sister!

Jada's Gigi said...

So glad you had a wonderful, back to work! lol