Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday musings...

OY yoy yoy! as my gramma would say.  What a headache I've got!  It's a hormonal thing, get it every month.  Anybody else out there experience this?  OY yoy yoy!  I am working from home thanks to a very generous boss. 
Despite this, it's a favorite time of year for me.  Mac's birthday a few days ago, sister's reunion next week and our twenty sixth anniversary on October 25.  I love the changing colors and the crisp cool air and the fires in the evenings.  I love the cinnamon spice Scentsy!
Mac has a friend visiting from out of town and they are going to Halloweekends at Cedar Point.  Friday is usually date night for us but that will depend upon my aching skull bones. 
The Mr. and I are on week two of a new meal plan.  We are both pooped at the end of the day resulting in more take-out and restaurant meals than we'd like.  So we are taking the week, dividing it and each taking and equal number of days to plan, prep and clean up dinner.  Last week was a rousing success, although every night was some version of crock pot cooking :)   I made lazy chicken pot pie which I invented just this week...

Boneless/skinless chicken breast
Frozen mixed veggies
Chicken Broth
Spices (I used celery salt, Zehnder's seasoning, pepper and a pinch of sage)
Pillsbury croissants (in a can)

Throw chicken breast, veggies, broth and seasonings into...a crock pot!
At the end of the day, scoop out veggies and chicken and put them in a oven proof pan (I used a cast iron dutch oven.)
Ladle some of the broth over the chicken mixture, thicken with cornstarch.
Bake at 300 for about 20 minutes (you could probably skip this step)

Unroll croissants and separate, place over top of chicken mixture to form crust. 
Increase oven to 350, bake for an additional 15-20 minutes checking after 15.

All done!

I've made chicken pot pie completely from scratch which is just a bit time consuming at the end of the work day.  This was easy peasy and the croissants made a fabulous crust.  The men folk were thoroughly impressed!  Served with a green salad.  Also, a great end of the week meal because I threw a few spoonfuls of left overs (like mashed potatoes and green beans) into the mix as well.
Time to get back to work and maybe have a cup of hot tea.  Have a blessed Friday!


Jada's Gigi said...

Ahh the dinner question...I hate it! mostly I hate the deciding..SO we have a menu...have for years. It is flexible which means I purchase at the store the ingredients needed to make the meals listed however I do not have to make a particular meal on a particular day...I like looking at the menu (posted on the fridge of course) and seeing that I have options...that way...what ever I have time for, am in the mood for etc. I can pull together easily. this works fairly well except for the nights i don't want to do ANYTHING...then either I cook hubby his standard piece of chicken and a veggie and I eat a sandwich or cereal or we go out....the going out doesn't happen very often..which is better for the waistline..once in a great while I will get in the mood to cook and do something wonderful...which hubby usually can't eat...So I try to save it for company...Go back to work will I....;)

Pat said...

That looks so good!!!

Becky said...

love your dinner! didn't think to use cresent rolls. will give it a try.
hope you feel better!