Saturday, November 10, 2012


1. Dean's playing at the River Raisin Theatre in Monroe tonight.
2. I'm going shopping at Ulta, I lurv Ulta!
3. Getting excited that the holidays are coming.
4. I'm so happy about my new day bed, got me decorator dreamin'.
5. In the mood to do some baking.
6. Sometimes the people on HGTV who are suffering with a too small master suite make me nuts.
7. Designing our Christmas cards on the Hallmark site can keep me entertained for hours.
8. Loving a few last mild Michigan days & some time with coffee around the fire pit.
9. I can't think of ten things so...bye!
Can you find the Mr. in this poster? (right side, middle with white bass)


Trish said...

I have never been to Ulta!!!! I guess browsing CosmoProf, Industry Source and Salon Centric takes care of that. Happy Saturday. Oh, and break a leg Dean!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds like a perfectly relaxing day! Enjoy the end of fire pit season, too!

Debra said...

Amen to #6! In fact, that's a major reason I'm glad Tom and I don't have 'real cable', just the baby kind with no HGTV. :) Always love your lists! Blessings, Debra

Deb said...

what is Ulta? Sounds like some fancy pants store. Do they sell fancy pants? Or just stuff to people wearing fancy pants? Just wondering. By the way, my friend texted me a picture this morning of some chick in Atlanta wearing fancy pants. They were white with HUGE black flowers all over them. Too fancy (strange) for me. That is all. Enjoy your day!

Diane said...

Oh I am sooo with you regarding HGTV and those ungrateful people! What a bunch of spoiled people we are!

Ok, off my soapbox now!

Jada's Gigi said...

I like Ulta...but I don't think i love them..;) I love my fire pit...don't get to use it nearly enough!