Saturday, December 29, 2012

General stuff & nonsense

1.  It's snowing and I'm drinking coffee and going nowhere-perfection.
2.  Mac's girl Susan gave me a Yankee Candle-Kitchen Spice scent...oooooh!
3.  The Mr. unclogged our toilet, guess he didn't want my help ;)
4.  Thinking about making fried shrimp and onion rings for dinner.
5.  Donny has impulsively buried all of his tennis balls in the snow, now he wanders around looking panicked.
6.  Speaking of snow, I lurv snow!
7.  Speaking of snow some more, I lurv having a garage.
8.  I'm making oatmeal with brown sugar & cream as soon as I'm done with this groundbreaking post.
9.  I found a super cute shower curtain at TJ Maxx, refused to stand in line 'cause it stretched to Montana and now I can't stopping thinking about that super cute shower curtain.
10. Did you know goats enjoy eating left over Christmas trees (real ones that is?)


Jada's Gigi said...

If you don't forget the shower curtain...better go back and get it or you'll be sorry...this I know from experience! Enjoy your snow day! I am praying for one...just one...and it must be a work day...not a holiday or weekend or some other day i already have off....:)

Trish said...

I lurv snow too...well, you know that already but I had to say it! LOL. Can you believe I haven't had coffee since Tuesday!? Dumb cooties....
Enjoy your snow filled, yankee candle burning kind of day sweet girl.

Diane said...

Ok, speaking up as #3 for loving snow! I'm with Cheryl, we're southern girls and want just ONE good snow....just ONE! Please and thank you!

And goats really do like to eat old Christmas trees? Amazing!

Margie said...

#10 how do you know? did you get Donny a friend??

no more snow thankyou