Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrapping up the week!

Good Friday morning Friends!
Soooo glad that it's Friday :)  My boss is hosting a Christmas brunch at her home this morning for the Nurse Leadership Group where we'll be having our planning meeting for 2013. I'm hoping all is peaceful and well at the hospital.  It's a little nerve-wracking to be off site for the day.  Would you pray for a wonderful day for the staff?  
I'm making this recipe to contribute to the meal.  Sounds pretty good, huh? 
The Mr. is off on Fridays so he's already up and out of the house finishing up a few Christmas shopping items yet on his list.  Thank heavens for a husband who likes to do errands! 
I'll be having reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) on January 14 so I arranged my leave of absence this week and the Mr. is applying for a FMLA to give me a hand in the first few days following my surgery. My mom is having her knee replaced at the same time so we'll be a hot mess here in the Mitten for a minute!
My bro-in-law and future nephew-in-law both have December birthdays and on Sunday the family is gathering here for a birthday dinner after church.  Lasagna!  Have I told you about my giant lasagna pan?  Oh law!  It's a big 'un!  I use 2 boxes of lasagna pasta, 5 pounds of meat, 2 large spag sauces, 2 large ricotta, 2 large mozzarella to create one Grande lasagna!  My mom will supply the bread and salad and Amy will bring the cake and ice cream.  Love love love family gatherings.  Amy's daughter Sarah and Tim (the birthday boy) will be getting married after Christmas and their sweet baby boy Mason is the first of the next generation to join us.  Wouldn't take nothin' for my journey is good around here.
Well, I'd better get a move on.  Need to assemble that fruit salad and make myself presentable.  One of the goals my boss has given me is to "unplug" from work worries.  She keeps reminding me that I have a blackberry, they can reach me if they need me.  Yeah yeah yeah...I'm workin' on it.  So today is an opportunity to start working on that goal.  I bickered a bit about having our meeting out of the hospital and was informed by my team that this is just exactly what I need!  Thank the Lord for co workers who care about me and who are Believers in Christ; they speak wisdom into my life when I need it most.  And I'm very excited to tell them that last night I slept for six hours straight with no meds!  That's quite a feat for I hear applause?  I guess God's not done working on me...and thank goodness for it.
Have a blessed day today, and know that there is a blessing waiting for you.  I pray that God shows you all that is good and perfect in your life in the hours ahead and that you will see that the perfection we long for lies within us in the person of Jesus.


a8383 said...

Oh I would love to have a breast reduction- sounds crazy but 32DD is awful. Maybe one day... Angela

Jada's Gigi said...

praying you survive your day out...:) and that you and your mom have the best of care from your menfolk when its time for the surgeries...

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Ok, first, that Pina Colada Fruit Salad recipe sounds yummy! I have a church function this weekend and I've just found one of the things I will prepare. Thanks so much for sharing!

Secondly, I am so thankful your co-workers are trying to take such good care of you! Six hours sleep...woohoo, now that's something to cheer about!

I know your Mr. will take good care of you and that your Dad will take good care of your Mom, but I also know each of you will be pushing the limits to get up and at'em agains. So, relax and let them pamper you for a few days!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Sara!