Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Wishes

It seems on this last evening of 2012, there should be something profound to share here.  At least a heartwarming retrospective?  Alas, I am feeling quiet and don't find great and inspirational words bubbling up within.
Our New Year's Eve plans are simple.  I just hung that new shower curtain from TJ Maxx that I mentioned on Saturday.  The Mr. went and got it for me while I was at work.  It's as fabulous as I knew it would be!  I shall have to find my camera to prove it to you.
He's now making a chicken stir fry for our dinner.  It smells delicious and my mouth is starting to water.
We're already attired in our pajamas and if we greet the new year with our eyes still open, I'll be surprised. 
So I wish you all that heaven has to offer in 2013.  I wish you the difficult conversations that will open new doors to greater joy than you have ever known.  I wish you challenges that will bring you to the throne of God and make you cling to him more tightly.  I wish you the courage to face bad hair days by laughing in the mirror and the satisfaction of knowing you are more than your hair. 
I wish you Jesus.

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Diane said...

Out of controversy comes renewed strength and understanding; out of trial comes patience; out of the mundane comes the appreciation for the spectacular....whatever the day, the season, the person....ALWAYS JESUS! I love you my sister; my heart is full of joy just to count you as my friend.