Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 unrelated statements

1.  Watkins aloe & green tea cuticle salve.  Using it nightly, love it!
2.  Hormonal headache day 2, blech.
3.  The sun is shining but...brrrrrrr.
4.  Video of first responders always makes me cry. 
5.  One more month and Mac's first semester of nursing school is complete.
6.  I order mascara online from Nordstrom's mostly for the free perfume samples.
7.  Made turkey tetrazzini this week for the first time.  Law!
8.  We've been eating clean for a week :)
9.  Flip flop weather is coming.  Ladies, please tend to your tootsies.
10. Donny likes to lay on the couch in the living room so I keep a sheet on it so it doesn't get all hairy.  He pulls the sheet off every day.  Why?

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