Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Infused water~

Got a new passion, infused water!  I found a beautiful website with wonderful ideas that I want to try...every last one...http://infusedwaters.com/ingredients
I've always loved ginger so this weekend I made a pitcher with fresh ginger root and citrus fruit slices (grapefruit, lemon and lime.)  Ginger is also great for digestive health, which heaven knows I could use.  I've been careful with citrus because of my ulcer but I decided to give this a try and it's been great.  Belly is calm and I'm getting the benefit of all of that vitamin C.  Between daboyz and me, that pitcher is gone so I just threw some canteloupe, cucumber and a little bit of ginger root together.  Top it with tap water (yes, I drink tap water. Michigan has excellent tap water) and into the fridge.  In the mornings, I'm filling a water bottle and taking it to work to sip throughout the day. 
I absolutely love this idea because there are so many amazing fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs at the farmer's market that I want to try but don't always know exactly what to do with.  Well, now I know!  I figure, you can't go wrong.  If you don't like what you get, try again.  And with the mint that grows all over my back yard, I can keep myself entertained all summer.


donna said...

I have been experimenting with infused water too. The one I use the most is called the fat flusher..or something like that...grapefruit slices, a tangerie, cucumber slices and peppermint leaves...It's pretty tasty..I drink 3- 8 oz glasses a day.

Margie said...

Phyllis LOVES it! I find mason jars filled in my fridge every couple days!