Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Weekend~

Happy happy Friday folks!  I took a vacation day and the Mr. has a three day birthday weekend planned for us.  Today we'll start off at Greenfield Village, which is one of my favorite places in the world.

This evening we'll pack up and head to Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor for dinner and to spend the night.

Tomorrow we'll drive to Marshall to bum around the antique shops and art galleries, maybe a local vineyard and then spend the night there.

On Sunday morning we'll have the AMAHZING brunch at Schueller's before we head home.

So how do ya like that?  He planned it all himself!  I just love it when he does that!
This morning I'm catching up on my housekeeping chores so I can leave without that hanging over my head and come home to a clean house on Sunday.  I absolutely hate coming home to a mess. 
Someone at work commented that my birthday seems to be at least a week every year.  It started officially last Saturday with dinner at my mom and dad's to celebrate not only my birthday but my dad's.  My actual birthday was yesterday but a few friends at work were off site so they surprised me on Wednesday with a great card and 2 bottles of wine from a local winery.  Yesterday I fell off the clean-eating bandwagon temporarily and had pizza from our local favorite, DeLuca's.  We were going to go out but I worked a little late and was a little tired so the Mr. improvised.  He also picked up a cake from a local bakery.  And yes, I ate way too much of both!  You gotta live a little on your birthday.  Of course, this morning, my gut is reminding me to climb back on that bandwagon.  Ugh! 
Last night, I'm happy to say, I slept about 10 hours straight.  This is after only 3 hours of sleep on Tuesday and Benadryl induced 6 hours on Wednesday.  So I'm well-rested despite my pizza and cake hang-over.  Lots of water and back to good eating will fix that right up and the sunshine and crisp Michigan Spring air won't hurt either. 
Off I go to do my chores and enjoy my three day birthday gift from Dean. 
Grace to you!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
We love Greenfield village too.

Jada's Gigi said...

Have a great Happy Birthday weekend!

Margie said...

i wish I would have read this sooner just so I could have called!

Happy Birthday friend!