Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hospital Christmas Party!

Left to right:  Deb (Staffing coodinator); Barb (Nurse Manager); Cheryl (The Boss); Sara

Wendy (Nurse Manager) who is a lovely Christian woman and continues to faithfully attempt to curb the bad language and unprofessionally behavior of her peers.  She happened to sit down at our table and since she does not drink (or otherwise misbehave) everyone pushed their drinks and beer bottles in front of her and I snapped a photo for a future blackmailing purposes :)

Susan & Mac (AKA Mr. Mac as he known at work)


Blurry but I just think they are so cute :)

Me, the Mr., Mac & Susan

Susan and Mac

Love those faces.

The four of us attended the hospital Christmas party on Saturday evening.  Mac and his girl came along because Mac works as a mental health tech, for those of you who are wondering why only one kid was there :)  As you can see, we got all dolled up and stayed out until 10:30 at night!  LOL!
We had a lovely time with one another enjoying some time away from the hospital together.  During some difficult work days, these folks gave me a reason to laugh, held my hand (I think to prevent me running away) and hugged me through some rough moments.  I'm honored and grateful to still have the opportunity to spend my days with them because they have become my best friends.  
And don't my kids look pretty?  

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