Wednesday, December 04, 2013


The last few days have had the seeds of frustration ready to be planted.  Thankfully, the Lord stayed my emotions and I am exercising a new muscle; just letting things be what they are.  In my transition from my former position to my current one, I have reduced the time I work (hallelujah!)  We are a small hospital and don't have an employee health department in our building.  We have to go downtown to the main campus in Detroit for employee health services EXCEPT for once a year when they send two nurses to do our annual health mandatories:  flu shot, TB test, respirator fit test.  And guess who was not working on that one day?  Yup!  Well, the deadline for compliance was December 1 and if you also guessed that I never hauled myself downtown, you are correct.
I can't take the flu shot that the system provides because of Thimersol sensitivity so I have to pay out of pocket for the preservative free version.  Which also has to be special ordered if you're not lucky enough to sneak in and get it when the one or two vials stocked are available.  And guess who had to wait for the special order?  And pay out of pocket?  Yup, yup, yup!
Waiting to get my preservative-free flu shot (which I really don't like taking anyway!) and already being behind schedule and missing the day employee health was on site, I find myself having missed the December 1 deadline.  Of course, that puts me with a large and unhappy rabble vying for appointments downtown.  I called yesterday, they are so backed up you can't even speak to a human being.  I was instructed, via electronic voice mail, to leave my name and number and don't expect a call back for 24 hours or so.  Still no call.  Which means...
No work for me.  That's not bad, I mean, I would rather not work.  However, I do still need to work and the holidays are not the time to whittle down one's paycheck.  My doctor is triple booked for a week, can't get in there to get it.  So here I am, on the blacklist for lack of a TB screening.  Yes, I did get that daggone flu shot, harumph!
So tomorrow, I'll storm the gates again and may just have to haul myself downtown to wait patiently with the rest of the unwashed (or at least noncompliant) hordes in need of a TB screening.  Two days off work has been nice but I need to get some time in before the week's up.
I've done a little more Christmas decorating, spent some time with my mom, made a few Christmas gifts and if I'm off tomorrow, I suppose I'll get to wrapping.  Then again, it's "that time" by which I mean hormone migraine time.  A fine time to be grounded if ever there was one.
So I haven't planted those seeds of frustration.  Another day at home, I may just dip them in glitter and hang them on the tree but I will not let them take root!

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