Friday, December 06, 2013

Moments on purpose

I think most people wish for Norman Rockwell moments, and sigh when year after year passes without them.  Oh, for the good old days!  Oh, indeed!  I couldn't agree more.  As a reluctant career woman and wanna-be full time homemaker, there are few who wish for those precious long lost days more than I do.  I wasted many days with a certain sadness always hovering in my heart that this is all there is to life now.  And then, when I'd had quite enough of longing and not enough of doing, I learned a lesson (and for once, not too late!)
Those Norman Rockwell snapshots might not be as common as they once were, but they will only become extinct one home at a time.  And in this home, they won't be extinct until I am.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that technology was key in hanging on to the used-to-be!  Now, you see, I schedule moments.  Once upon a time, that would've seemed too manufactured to be satisfying but I've outgrown that.  I happily use Google Chrome to send out invitations and place events on the calendars of my loved ones.  In fact, daboyz will regularly look down at their phones to find me there!
So this weekend, the Mr. and I are attending the work party on Saturday with Mac and Susan.  On Sunday, we'll all be going to a Motown Christmas Show at my sister's church (courtesy of my mom,) and on Monday the ladies will gather at my house for a day of baking and White Christmas on DVD.  All of this, by the way, scheduled several weeks ago.  Because that's the reality now, we can't just pick up the phone and expect everyone to be available.
I encourage you to start reclaiming time for a few Norman Rockwell moments.  Make it a priority.  Facebook is full of like this and share that to express the conservative Christian perspective.  I say that if we continue to value home and family, tradition and time;  we'll continue to maintain the core of God-centered America that we all treasure.  Don't underestimate it.
We live too much "out there" and not nearly enough "in here."  In the home, face to face.

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