Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Gathering

Matthew 18:20
“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

Jesus was the one who said this.
I have experienced a lot of mixed emotions about my son, Mac, going on a mission trip to Thailand. I told him I was praying about it and I reserved the right to stop him right up until his plane leaves the ground. Or maybe I’d drive to Chicago and kidnap him as he tried to change planes!
Before the team left we parents were invited to the home of Mac’s wonderful youth leaders, Adam and his wife Katie. We had the privilege of watching the dramas the team would present to the Thai people and getting a sample of the English lessons they’ll teach.
I realized then that this was all much bigger than me or even than Mac.
Two or three had gathered together and Jesus was in the middle.
It left me speechless and crying. I stood there feeling honored just to hover at the periphery.
It was...holy.
My silly sweet goofy funny smart son was transformed as he re-enacted the creation, fall and redemption of man by portraying Adam.
In another drama he was one of the few who remained loyal to Jesus even as he was crucified. I saw my son’s heart break as though this were Gesthemane and not a backyard in Trenton.
I tried to breathe deep and control my emotions but that was foolish. We all stood there in the 90 degree humidity and wept. But we weren’t weeping any more for fear or anxiety over our children. We were weeping because they had reminded us of our salvation and the love of Christ that compels them to cross an ocean and spend 20 hours on an airplane.
How smart they are, these kids who are now in Thailand bringing love, hope and salvation to people they have never met.
They gathered together and Jesus got in the middle of it all.
God sent me a mission team on their way to Thailand.

Thailand Prayer Request: Wisdom, favor and safety of the leaders.


Birmingham Girl said...

I'm a little to close to this situation, but HOW AMAZING!!! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God! Thnk it's hotter there then here?!

Margie said...

It's 91 and raining for the next 10 days according to

God is so good, you think 'two or more gathered' includes blogging?

Tonya said...

That was an amazing story just thinking of visualizing them doing those dramas, made me emotional about how great God is.

Margie said...

you can check out the "thailanders" at
(just copy it in the address line...

KayMac said...

thanks for the updates!

Sara said...

hey margie! whose myspace is that?

Margie said...

It's the Thailander's myspace, I got a bulletin from Adam... there are some cool pics..

Deb said...

'two or more gathered' definitely includs blogging!...

I'm thrilled that they arrived safely and will continue 'gathering' with you in prayer!

JT said...

i'm with you tonya, my heart fills with joy just hearing of it all. thanks for the updates, and we'll keep on praying.

JT said...

and yes, i believe that when 2 or more come together blogging counts for sure! I feel our prayer power all over the place!