Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sara's Technicolor Housecoat

Isaiah 61:10
I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness...

A few days ago the Mr. and I were at Wal Mart with Mac buying Thailand supplies. As Mac tried on various shirts and such, I wandered over to the ladies section. And there it was.
My new bathrobe.
Oh, it’s wonderful!
It’s green and white checkered seersucker with pink dragon flies and flowers embroidered around the collar. It snaps up the front.
Mmmm. My new bathrobe.
The Mr. looked upon my new bathrobe with contempt immediately. In fact, he insists on calling it a “housecoat” and says that if he’d known I’d wanted such a thing, he’d have gotten his grandma’s for me.
The Mr. is a housecoat hater.
I put my new housecoat/bathrobe on that very night. The Mr. continues to furrow his brows and make snide comments.
I don’t care. I love my new housecoat/bathrobe.
It’s light and cool and comfortable and summery.
Yes, it is a little matronly but I love it anyway.
And it was only $10.00!
I say there’s a lot of pressure out there to look hip and fabulous all the time and sometimes, you just gotta go to Wal Mart and get yourself a housecoat.
Don’t let the housecoat haters steal another evening of unencumbered bliss.
Go to Wal Mart and get yourself a housecoat.

Thailand Prayer Request-Peace for parents & family at home.


tina fabulous said...

perhaps he would enjoy a housecoat of his very own

Tonya said...

Being comfortable at home is what it is all about Sara! You keep enjoying your wonderful housecoat, I agree with Tina, maybe the Mr is just jelous that he does not have one.

Margie said...

I say buy him one for Christmas!!

Birmingham Girl said...

The housecoat gene is a genetic flaw. Apparently it has been passed on to you. I say enjoy it for all its worth! Oh, the snaps up the front are the best, button's are for armature housecoat buyers!

Brother Dave said...

Dean will never succumb to the housecoat...Unless we resurrect Charles Ingles from the Little House on the Prairie

Tracey, in MI said...

At first- I thought- I just can't picture it- pretty Sara in a housecoat? Couldn't be... but then, I'm vain- and shallow- but still I can't see it--- then I realized I wear the most AWFUL and most COMFY sweats- same deal- comfy- comfy comfy

wear it in health- just not in public;)

tina fabulous said...

we could make one with your picture all over it

Deb said...

hmmmm....I've been praying that as Mac travels, the Lord will wrap His arms around you and allow you to be comfortable and feel loved and be totally at peace. I'm thinkin' that this dragonfly housecoat is just an answer to prayer! Tell the Mr. that he can't possibly argue with God and this is a "God thing"!

JT said...

all power to ya for the house coat! and yes, wear it in health, AND you can even wear it in public! LOL (love ya tracey);-)

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Sara ... I popped over from your mom's site ... I, too, remember my grandma's housecoat. She actually had a lot of them. How comfy ... I'm sure it's not your granny's housecoat .. can you find a matching one for dh? I have one with a zipper up the front and my youngest insists I put it on each morning (which I do ... just for him sometimes) Enjoy your comfort clothes :)