Friday, November 09, 2007

All Creatures Great & Small

In the space of this week God has been so present with me. Not in constant joy or peace or fun. But with me, so very real to me. Things that were bad were tolerable. Sadness softly faded to a deep tiredness, which is what I needed to rest in my spirit. Things that no one but me understands turned out just exactly right making me feel like I stand squarely in the middle of the hand of Christ. Tragedy reminded me to pray for those prayer requests we sometimes only glance at with the same earnestness that we pray for the people closest to us. Opportunity came wrapped in challenges forcing me to see blessing in a different light.
I remember when Jazz died, writing about laying next to her in bed and feeling my tension roll off as I nuzzled her furry face. I hadn't decide to get a dog until Saturday when we saw Donny. I thought of that as an impulse, bringing home another pooch. Then this week with one thing or another to cause me tension and I found myself at work looking forward to going home to nuzzle Donny's furry face and realized, how great is the love of God. There is always some small comfort for those who seek. There is always enough good to overcome the bad.
My life is defined by more good than I could ever dream of and yet Christ continually adds to my abundance.
Yes, I am glad this week is over.
No, it has not been altogether a nice week.
But I cannot imagine feeling more loved, safe and peaceful than I am right now.
Thank you, Lord.

Thank you Lord, for saving my soul. Thank you Lord, for making me whole. Thank you Lord, for giving to me; thy great salvation so rich and free...


Pat said...

I feel the same way minus the dog.

Trish said...

God knows what we need, you didn't
go to that pet store on a whim.
God had Donny right there waiting,
so that hr could be your comfort
through this hard week!
God is Good, All The Time!!!

Louise said...

What awesomeness we possess in God's nearness to us. The King of all the universe chooses to commune with lowly man ... how do you adequately explain that other than to say He is Lord and all He does is good.
I am so thankful you've sensed His presence. That makes everything else bearable.
Bless you dear one, thank you for your honesty and transparency.