Sunday, November 04, 2007

Heerrrre's Donny!

Introducing our new baby boy! He was adopted on Saturday, November 3! He is a 4 month old Basset mix. The Mr. was dragged into Petco by me as I feel the need to semi-regularly look at animals and weep. Well, there was Donny because it was adoption day! Believe it or not, this was not a set up!
Donny's caretaker said that the animals would be arriving soon including Donny's twin sister Daisy if we wanted to come back later. So we took a drive and came back. Sure enough, there was Daisy. And Sandy and Reba and Dora and many more making this a very difficult decision. Sandy was fabulous because she looked like a liger (ala Napoleon Dynamite). Daisy looked just like Donnie. Reba was a boxer mix who had a wacky sense of humor, this I know because she had made a butt hat out of the newspapers in her kennel.
And Donny. We were trying to decide male or female when we found out someone else had requested Daisy. We figured we'd take that as a sign and we applied to adopt Donny. Yes, we applied. It was a pretty lengthy process!
Finally he was officially declared Donny Smith and they even took a family portrait! The adoption folks tells me Donny's foster mom will have a hard time parting with him but we are so very happy to have him. He is already house-broken, caught up on shots and fixed. We have been pretty remiss in those areas with Jazz so it's a good start for Donny that we intend to keep up. We even signed up for training classes. More for us than him I think. He has a sweet disposition. Loves to cuddle and was described as a couch potato, so we figure he'll fit right in. We bought him home to surprise daboyz and they were thrilled.
So there's a new baby in our house!

(hey, anybody see a resemblance between Donny and another pooch?)


Trish said...

Congratulations! I knew Dean would give in! Donny kinda looks like Frank, good thing he's a couch potato, you won't have to chase him around the neighborhood!

Mrs. Mac said...

My what big feet baby pooch Donny has! Congrats on your new addition. What a sweet content face!

Sara said...

you win trish! he does look like frank! we are very happy to say he's much more docile!

Pat said...

He seemed to behave himself very well on his first visit to our house...may he continue on his path to good behavior.
He may look like Susie Frankie, but hopefully that's where the similarity ends!

Margie said...

I think he's related to Gabbie, they kind of look alike.

Congratulations on your new addition.

tina fabulous said...

i'm liking the immediate laze!
does he have a middle name yet? its very key.

Louise said...

Oh ... Welcome to our world Donny!
He is beeuuteeful!

KayMac said...

congrats! enjoy!