Saturday, November 10, 2007

mr. meme more than 10

How long did you date? - 4 years

How old is your man? - 42

Who eats more? - whoever is the quickest

Who said "I love you" first? - him

Who is taller? - He is...

Who sings better? - me!

Who is smarter? - it's a draw.

Whose temper is worse? - mine, like it's any of your business.

Who does the laundry? - i do mine; he does his and daboyz. they are often dirty or naked.

Who does the dishes? - who ever eats slowest.

Who pays the bills? - well, he reads them and frowns a lot.

Who has bigger feet? - him; barely.

Who has longer hair? - Me.

Who is better with the computer? - me. and it makes me FURIOUS.

Who mows the lawn? - mac

Who cooks dinner? - who ever loses.

Who pays when you go out? - him.

Who is most stubborn? me.

Who is first to admit when they are wrong? - draw.

Whose parents do you see the most? - mine. he's an orphan. just kidding. he was hatched from a pod

Who kissed who first? - he kissed me. the nerve.

Who asked who out? - i tricked him into asking me.

Who proposed? - my parent proposed he marry me and get me out of their house.

Who is more sensitive? - me; he's a pod person.

Who has more friends? - me, although i'm always trying to downsize and he likes more people.

Who wears the pants in the family? - him, but don't tell him.


Trish said...

Is Dean headed for Jupiter or Mars in that space pod looking contraption? Good picture of your Mr. Have a great weekend!

Louise said...

Oh how brave thou art in admitting all these truths. Thou hast made me smile and for that I am grateful.
What is he doing in that thing???

MSU gal said...

"Who sings better? - me!"

Ha! Da Mr. is the only person in this family who can sing!

Margie said...

I've heard Mac sing during worship, he sounds like an angel, he's got you both beat :)