Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Times

It's not an easy time. Then again, it's not so hard either.
My gramma is coming home so she can go home. Hospice will now take over where doctors and hospitals end their care. I think it won't be long. I'm good with that. It's very good, in fact.
She looks to me very comfortable. She looks peaceful and I see no fear. I sort of think of it as most of her is already in heaven, that is where she is when her eyes are closed and when she doesn't know us. I think that is very good too. I imagine she is seeing Jesus and talking to him. She knows exactly who he is. Why would she want to talk to us?
I will admit something to you. I have been trying to be organized and helpful and wise and I think I need to rest a little bit tonight. I was on my way to an appointment after work and I found myself crying on the Lodge Freeway, that's not a good thing. My mom has gotten everything ready for my gramma. Now I feel that I can put on my pajamas and cry a bit. Not because I'm sad, because it's time for that too.
Actually, I am crying because it's all so good. Being loved and cared for is good. You see, you love and care for your children and grandchildren and then they do the same for you. Having a home to rest in until you rest in your heavenly mansion is good, and having family who will stand by when you don't know they are there is good. Planning the end of your gramma's life in a country where there is care and comfort and help is good.
Knowing your gramma knows Jesus is good. Not being afraid of her death, or your own, is good.
Crying happy tears in sad times is good.
God's favor is so good.

Psalm 102:13
You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her;
the appointed time has come.


Pat said...

and you are good

Trish said...

Sweet Girl... This situation is so like what we went through 2 years ago with Mom. It is easy to let them go home, that's where they long to be. Your Aunt Elizabeth is waiting for your Gramma, she loved her so, she will reach out her hand and lead her through the gates to Jesus!

Louise said...

Rest dear one and weep too, for joy comes in the morning! To know that your sweet Gramma is soon going Home ... oh Sara, what a blessed thought that is! She will close her eyes one last time here and then open them to a newness that will last for eternity. She will join others there and they will wait for those who remain here. What a blessed people we are to have Jesus as our Savior and heaven as our home.

Mrs. Mac said...

In my jammies right there with you sister. Hugs and tissues required.

Margie said...

i love you, praying for you