Friday, February 29, 2008


Do you ever just sit down on blogger and think, what in the world do I have to write about today? And the answer is, nothin'. Sometimes it's nothing because there is just really nothing on my mind and that is a good thing. Sometimes it's nothing because the somethings are just too complicated and boring to anyone but myself to bother with. Sometimes I think I should be more spiritual but I don't feel spiritual. Or I should be amusing but I'm not. That's today. I sat here reading other blogs and checking into e-mails and I thought, "I got nothin'" I have only one something to say,
It is well with my soul.
Arlene said that to her family a few weeks ago and I'm thinking that today.
Nothing spectacular is going on worthy of a celebration. It's just fine. It's medium, beige, average today. It is well.
As my mom said, Gramma's house is getting a face-lift through Tom's tender hands. All these people who love my grandparents and love each other are walking in and out of those doors performing a labor of love. Is it silly that this produces joy in me? Not joy because I want to live there and it's gonna look swell. No, it's a greater joy. It's an eternal sort of joy because it's Tom doing the work, knowing and understanding what those walls and plaster mean. It's Pat coming by with a heart of worship ushering in the Holy Spirit with her presence and marking the work with the love of herself and her husband. It's my mom and I looking at paint colors and giggling over which my gramma would've liked, and the ones that she'd have hated. And choosing them anyway because we are comfortable with moving on. It reminds me of Israel and God writing the lesson of heritage on their hearts. My gramma would've loved that even if she hated the sage green I chose for the bedroom. She and my grampa would've wanted this; family coming to minister together. And yes, it is an act of servanthood and ministry. And it is well.
Donny is laying in the middle of a blizzard in the back yard chewing on a soccer ball. It is ridiculous that a puppy is laying in a blizzard and I've no idea where he got a soccer ball but when I looked out the kitchen window with Mac and we laughed at him, it was not a special moment worthy of recording. It was a plain and ordinary moment. And it is well.
I was looking for a pretty snow picture to include in this post and I found this one. It's not a spectacular work of art but it is a red barn on a snowy day. I have had a Farm with a red barn on a snowy day. And so I can look randomly through the internet and run across a stranger's picture and feel a child's contentment. It is well.
I heard from Amber and Barry in the last two days and they are peaceful. They are receptive to Christ healing their hearts. And it is well.
The Mr. has a good friend who is going through some bad things and he spoke to him this week and made sure that not too much time passes without this friend knowing that we love him. And it is well.
So today is an ordinary day with too much laundry piling up and a dog who thinks laying in a snowbank is a fine idea and I need some new shoes for work. It is a beige day and if you checked in on a regular basis you'd find that most of them are. Not much worthy of writing about.
The thing worth pausing to think about is that the wellness is within my soul. I don't have everything but I'm lacking nothing.
It is beige, ordinary, medium.
It is well.

James 1:4 Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.


Trish said...

It is well!
Thank you for your words of love, they are a healing balm to my soul today.
So your day isn't beige... love covers all colors of the spectrum,
God uses us when we don't even know it!
I love you sweet girl.

Louise said...

What a beautiful, meaningful, far from average post.
Thank you.

Deb said...

...and you thought you had nothing to write?!

awesome post.

Amrita said...

Your posts are well writtena nd structured and interesting and humorous. I love them