Saturday, May 24, 2008

Considering the Economy

1. Plan my driving a week at a time to avoid back-tracking.
2. Grocery shopping with a careful bagged lettuce; we clean and chop.
3. Netflix! We save money on the rentals and late fees and we always have something to watch so we don't feel the need to wander anywhere for entertainment.
4. Buying clothing all with a mix and match goal.
5. Craving pizza? We get the Little Caesar's Hot & Ready deep dish, $7.
6. Learning to enjoy looking without owning...magazines, window shopping...
7. Eating at home unless we have planned ahead for a meal out & refusing to eat where the prices are ridiculous. Example, ate salad bars at Ruby Tuesdays a while back. Bill was almost $30. NEVER AGAIN.
8. Having a garage sale.
9. Carrying less than $10 cash.
10. Drinking tap water at home.


Pat said...

Good plan.
We're going to eat at your house to save on our grocery bill.

Trish said...

Having a home.... Priceless!

Jada's Gigi said...

Sounds a lot like my list of economy are a few others we are trying to do:
we are actually car pooling a little...give us a hand..we live in the South!
Splitting entrees when we do go out..they give you waay too much food for one person anyway...
When I have to make a major product or service compare...

Mrs. Mac said...

... composting ... my garden loves it! ... and I get good free soil
... buying large cans at Costco & repackaging & freezing (applesauce, peaches, green beans, etc)
... going in to town twice a week.
... early bird meals, splitting meals, kids eat free meals
... making my own coffee (skipping the lattes)
Making interesting meals from leftovers ;)

~Robin said...

Ditto on all 10 and then some!!