Friday, May 23, 2008

Day Off

And already it's going by too quickly! I got up late, 7:30. Stripped the beds and threw sheets into the washer. On my second cup of coffee now at 8:30 and have had a bowl of cereal. It's sunny here in Michigan, but cool. Not even 50 degrees and will not reach 70. Feels like fall up north rather than spring in the suburbs.
I'm going to put those clean sheets on the bed and get the laundry caught up. Water my flowers and even get dressed in a minute! My hair is now long enough to shower at night and not to have to wake up and do the shower and blow dry in the morning. How interesting is that news flash? It makes the morning grooming go by much more quickly though and it makes me happy. So there.
I might go do a little window shopping. Need some warm weather work clothes. My standard slacks and sweater isn't going to work much longer. And I am ever in search of comfortable work shoes. Apparently gym shoes aren't the fashion statement they are looking for. I'm working the weekend so this one day off goes too quickly and I never get enough done. All work and no relaxing or all relaxing and no work it seems!
Hope your Friday is a good one!

Pic: My morning coffee spot.

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Trish said... out my back door! Reminded me of the old Creedance song!