Monday, March 23, 2009


Good Monday! Long weekend at work and not feeling quite up to par have me moving slowly this morning. Usually by this time I'm up, dressed, housework done and ready for the day. By which I mean ready to lay on the couch and read. I'm still working around the house and have no motivation to meet my one goal; drug store. The Mr. stayed home today and is working hard covering the entire house in a fine layer of dust as he is doing some trimming around our "fridge hole" to make room for our new fridge. Not our new fridge exactly but the fridge we bought before we moved that we just now moved over here. I'd go into the details but even I'm not all that interested.

I declared myself pain free and then had a few days of not so pain free. I'm not exactly feeling terrible but I can tell that my one dose of Vitamin D hasn't completely restored me to balance. I have a few doctor's names that I am referred to for further consideration of my U.P.O. (Unidentified Pelvic Object.)

Other than my third ovary and our fridge what is there to share? I got five new books from the library and have finished one, which was quite good. "Love And Houses." A woman's husband leaves her in her last trimester of pregnancy with their apartment for sale, a bridge loan and mortgage on a school house they bought to renovate into a home for themselves and their first child. She decides she can't handle the renovation and to stay in her apartment and sell the school house even at a loss when the apartment sells out from under her; the entire building. Very good. A mixture of relationship stuff (but not romance stuff which makes me gag) and home decor. What more could you ask for?

Speaking of home decor, I have several little projects in my head for around here that can possibly be done without the major $$ needed for the big project, that being the family room/kitchen. That one will have to hold for a bit.

I have an antique wicker sofa and chair that was my gramma's and then my mom's and then my living room furniture when we were first married. It's now stored in the basement in the old old house and looking a bit rough around the edges. I'm thinking of hauling it out, repainting it and eliciting my mom to recover the cushions. I elicit my mom to recover things semiannually and we are successful in my fabric choice and her handiwork about half of the time. But the lady on television tells me this is a fun and inexpensive way to repurpose things I find around the house. So here is the latest consideration, my exterior is gray and white. The house, not me personally. Well, actually me personally as well. Anyway; we have a wide front porch and a back deck. I have lawn furniture for my back deck and then there is the wicker. I'm undecided as to putting the lovely wicker (which will surely turn out spectacularly or horrifical) on the front porch for the enjoyment of passersby or on the back deck for my personal enjoyment. Do not suggest that I put it on the front porch so that I may sit there calling out greetings to the neighbors and fetching cups of Kool-Aid for children riding their bikes past our house. I have already christened the Spring season by sending the Mr. over to the neighbors to insist they turn down their radio. I'd likely greet passers-by with "What are you lookin at?" So there's the placement question. And then the facelift of the wicker question. What color paint and cushions? Black comes to mind with some kind of red fabric print. Cherries or some such thing. Which I'll never find once I decide it's exactly what's needed. Or red paint and some other fabric? Or something truly daring like orange! My lawn furniture has orange cushions and it's very groovy.

Moving on, my mom made slip covers for my sofa pillows which turned out beautifully much unlike the slip cover she made for my gramma's arm chair which turned out quite like a project one of my patients might make that would prove they were not ready to re enter society. I think we should recover my camel back sofa. By that I mean she should recover it.

Well, that's all that is rattling around in my head. Feel free to post your ideas as I am sure this is all you can think about now.


Jada's Gigi said...

You surely are not well! :) All this mini recovering, painting projects gets my mind to churning as well. i have about a half dozen such projects around my house that I need MY mother to work on. lol I vote for green for the wicker. So there!

Margie said...

so... are you going to the doctor to figure out what the UPO is?

Pat said...

You've mentioned my name far too many times where work is involved. And as far as the chair cushion I recovered - it was the heinous fabric you picked...not my skill, which is also heinous.

Deb said...

I say go for the orange - be wild. Then get some blueish print to go with and ask your mom to help with the redo. When I talked to her a week or so ago, she was sewing slipcovers (probably yours) I know she loves to sew.

Still praying for you daily. This UPO and the leg pain need to cease. I'm tired of praying! Well not really.