Saturday, March 14, 2009

This & That

1. Went to P.F. Chang with friends.

2. Went to a new doctor who was less than helpful.

3. Experimenting with not taking my medicine so I can stay awake long enough to see how I feel.

4. Craving fresh fruit.

5. Thinking about giving myself a manicure.

6. Eating too much; home & bored.

7. Doctor's orders: stay very, very still.

8. Doctor's prognosis: "We really don't know what is going on but I predict you will wake up one morning and be better and we'll never know what the problem was."

9. Gonna make tuna fish sandwiches for lunch.

10. Expecting to be back to work on Monday. Hoping that miracle morning will come by that time.


Deb said...

1. Never heard of P.F. Chang's

2. Don't you hate that?

3. Experimenting with drugs? Yes, you ARE a child of the 60's/70's.

4. Can't think of one witty thing to say about fresh fruit...

5. Go for it!

6. I hear you! I'm eating way too much - gained a bunch of weight - not at ALL happy about it!

7. ...why? Are you trying to shoot the Wascally Wabbit?

8. ?HUH?!?!

9. Yum. I think I'll make some tuna sandwiches too!

10. Praying for your miracle!!!!

Trish said...

8. I'm not a Dr. but I could tell you the same thing???

10. Praying...feel better soon!

Amrita said...

Sara, you take your medicines like a good girl now.

Fish sandwishes sound healthy to me.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sending a wing and a prayer ... you can eat the wing if hungry ... perhaps you'd rather have chicken soup, eh? Hoping you wake up tomorrow morning and don't remember a thingy. Taking meds ... tsk, tsk ... get well soon sister. We have Moose Drool ale at Spralmart ... might taste better than O'drools ... never had it with a fiber chaser tho .. you're very brave. Hugs from your wacky scarf sister (in the hood).