Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Low Tech & A Little Bit French

I picked up some extra time over the weekend so yesterday I was off and had a no tech day! Well, a low tech day anyway. No cell phone, no computer for me. Just felt that I wanted a little break from constant contact. The Mr. and I went out to lunch, did some housework stuff and watched reruns on television. I made a French vanilla cake and French press coffee (we were very French!) It was a nice day and today I feel rested, relaxed and ready for work.
Jay is doing well with his gluten challenge. He went off his g/f diet Friday evening and so far no reaction. We continue to pray for God's will and feel peaceful about the whole thing regardless of the ultimate outcome.
Well, I better get moving and start the day officially. I'd rather be off again but it's nice to feel refreshed and energized! Maybe we should low tech ourselves on a regular basis, huh?

Happy Tuesday!

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