Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today being Thursday I go in to work a few hours late and work into afternoon shift for a few hours. That means I move a little more slowly and sip my coffee for a bit longer before the daily dreaded task of hair management.
This week Ford announced that the Mr.'s plant (Auto Alliance Flatrock) is laying off 950 employees and reducing to one shift. Dean's job is safe although obviously, with the elimination of 950 positions his seniority shifts down. Most of the people in his plant were hired at the same time when it opened so there are a lot of people with higher seniority by just a matter of days or weeks. He is now praying about whether to remain at this plant or move to another local plant that is running three shifts. Please pray with us for wisdom and guidance in this decision.
Tomorrow we are taking Dean's dad to the V.A. Hospital in Ann Arbor. We applied for V.A. benefits the week after Christmas and we received an appointment within a few weeks. What a surprise considering the stigma that applying for benefits and getting assistance is nearly impossible. I had people tell me we would need a lawyer to get an appointment. We are hopeful that he can get some assistance and maybe even drop the medical insurance they pay for out of pocket for him. In March we will be taking him to a behavioral neurologist for further assessment as his dementia is not typical and his MRI did not explain what's going on.
In other news Donny was brought home by strangers the other night for about the fourth time! Our gate does not close tightly and it looks like he pushed through it chasing a rabbit (judging by the dog/bunny prints.) He has NEVER done that before. So the Mr. and Jay were out at 10:30 at night looking frantically for him when a lovely couple in a minivan pulled up with him happily riding in their back seat. So we've bunjied (yes that's a word) the gate shut pending warmer weather when it can be properly repaired.
I think that's the update for us. Have a good Friday!

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Trish said...

Well, I totally misunderstood the status on Facebook! I was wondering why you were taking Dean's Dad all the way to VA.? It's the V.A...duh!
They covered all of my Daddy's Meds and physicals etc.. It's a good thing, pray all goes well.