Thursday, February 11, 2010

You're on my side, right?

Well, if we're not talking about what I eat or my bowel movements, what is left except my sleep habits? You all know that I am not exactly a gifted sleeper. I can remember as a little girl, before my sister was born, being unable to nap. I would lay down in the little yellow back room of our house in my single brass bed with the white chenille spread and...stare. And think and make up stories in my head. Pretty much everything but actually sleep.
I have all the of the basic sleep disabilities-take forever to fall asleep, can't stay asleep, awaken too early, awaken if there's too much noise or light or a full moon or a butterfly flaps its wings in Hong Kong. I don't snore, that's something, right? So I try really hard to exercise really healthy sleep habits like no caffeine in the afternoons or evenings and I don't watch anything disturbing on television right before bed. Our bedroom is painted in a soothing color and there is no television in there. No heavy snacks right before bed. I read something peaceful before I turn out the lights. And still there's no guarantee of a restful night.
So this is where you are on my side, right?
Mac. Mac!
He's a night owl. He's on the computer (tap tap tap), on the phone (talk talk talk), making a snack (clank clunk bang.) Not particularly loud but at night time everything seems just a little louder. It takes me about an hour to fall asleep, always has. So on average, I'm falling asleep just about 10:00. Most of the time before midnight I'm awakened by Captain No Sleep. His opinion is that I am unreasonably sensitive. My opinion is be that as it may, it is what it is. If I need the house dark and silent by 10:00 or so, I think that is what should happen! I can pretty much tune out the white noise of the television and conversation as long as it is not conducted at the Mr.'s usual megaphone volume. So after 10, I'm just asking that the phone and computer and sushi bar shuts down. I agree that it's bizarre that the tapping of a keyboard can both awaken me and keep me awake however, it does! Mac goes to school full time but has a large chunk of time with no one home to tap, talk and clank away. He can tap, talk and clank until 10.
Weigh in. It has come to this after yet another night last night when I fell into a deep and restful sleep around 10:30 and was wide awake at 11:36 exactly to the tune of Mac on the phone. When did I fall back to sleep? Last time I checked the clock it was 1:43 a.m. Admitting that my sleep needs are extraordinary, am I crazy to say that I get up early for work therefore my needs come first?


Louise said...

Indeed my Thara, you are most certainly NOT crazy for wanting your needs to come first. Mac, young tho he may be, should truly keep the commandment that says "honor your father and the mom who doesn't sleep well by being extremely quiet after 10 pm".
p.s. have you thought of sound proofing your room & using room darkening shades or curtains?

Debra said...

With the advice I gave last week I did forget one other important thing--I *always* sleep with a small fan going. Not blowing in my face (unless it's summertime and hot), but blowing away from me. I've used a fan for decades and it's wonderful for covering-up all those sounds from things which go bump in the night. Truly. After all these years I have a hard time sleeping without it. Keep trying to find what works for you--you'll find just the right combination as long as you hang in there. Blessings, Debra

Pat said...

Go over to Jay's one is there!