Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things That Bother Me

1. Gossip
2. The medical community insisting that vaccinations don't contribute to autism.
3. How blindly I've fed my family junk for years and years.
4. Waking up to a messy kitchen.
5. Going to bed in a bed that wasn't made.
6. Not having coffee in the morning.
7. Bad hair.
8. Video/computer games.
9. Not having a book to read.
10. My weight.


Debra said...

Wow. Eerie wow. Twilight Zone theme music wow! All of those things bother me, too. (And they're all quite specific.) Though I would substitute hot chocolate for the coffee, still I cannot function if I don't have a hot drink (2 actually) in the morning. Hmmm.... Like I said--eerie. :) Blessings, Debra

Amrita said...

9 & 10 are for me too. Don 't mind #1 once in a while - I have to confess.