Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace & Cookies

I have a friend who is a very successful business woman. Her Facebook status is often about flying here for a meeting or there for a spa retreat or somewhere else for a seminar. And she has fabulous hair and eyebrows. This is my goal for today-make all of my Nestle Toll house cookies come out the same size. My status, so far unsuccessful.
I have another friend who has just begun her doctorate program. Then there's the one with the perfect little face. The one with the flawless skin. The one with the amazing body. The one with the pretty hands. The one with the incredible house. The one who is never grouchy. The one who is constantly making meals for others. The one who prays for hours everyday.
What is the deal with these cookies? Anyway.
There was a time when I was unable to celebrate wonderful things like these in other people. I could be happy for them but I mean celebrate them. To stand back and just applaud the creative miracle of God made flesh in their lives and minds and bodies. To just admire them without comparing myself.
How can 12 rounded tablespoons result in 12 different size and shaped cookies?
I don't know what has changed in me other than the passage of years. To say I've undergone some kind of internal self-improvement plan of prayer and meditation wouldn't be all that true. I think what has happened is just another whisper of grace across my heart. Peace and contentedness come must easier to me than they used to. Sure, I also have the advantage of having grown up kids and a little more money on my side. A settled and happy marriage helps. Still, I credit grace. Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come. Without Christ, I might not (would not) have come this far, this whole. This peaceful. Grace smooths out the mistakes and the rough edges whether you specifically recognize you need it or not. Grace puts a soft focus on painful memories and makes me able to walk through life with hands stretched open; letting anger fall away and collecting joy and laughter in its place.

Now I can look at these successful, beautiful, sweet, kind, sexy, determined, smart women with the same eyes that admire a waterfall, a summer sky or a perfect lilac. I see through the same eyes that look into the mirror every morning and the same thought comes to mind for all of it.

Look what God has done.


Stacy said...

I know the secret to your burning question...if I tell you, will it still be a secret? :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Without Him..we really can do nothing! lovely post!

Margie said...

loved this post...

two teaspoons, scoop with one, round off with the other, then put on cookie sheet. I used to have the same problem. And don't over mix the sugar and butter.

i want to be one of those women who can be celebrated... need a lot more grace for that...

Mrs. Mac said...

A good place in life to be ... content with who you are and with the good beauty/fortune/fill in the blank of other people .. especially women with nice figures and lovely hands.

Go buy a little cookie scoop at Target and you will have fun scooping out the cookie dough ... with perfectly sized cookies every time.