Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Public Service Announcement!

When you're home sick but just enough better not to sleep constantly, there are a limited number of things that you can do to pass the time. Having a first floor laundry, I got some wash done. That was fun.
Not really up to standing in the kitchen kneading dough or making cookies, and not entirely sure anyone would want to eat goodies baked by a sneezing snotting chef.
Reading would be number one except I returned my library books but didn't get any new ones and it kind of hurts my eyes and head after a few minutes.
Television is...ridiculous.
On the bright side, I come to you with a product endorsement.
I'm sure I'm not alone in realizing that flip flop weather is soon upon us and further realize that one must take foot care seriously if one is going to ask the world to look at one's feet. There are far too many people running around with their feet all hanging out who should be wearing thick socks and a pair of construction boots. All of this to say that I gave myself a pedicure in preparation for warm weather, you mustn't wait until May to begin this process. That done it was time to pay attention to my hands as well. Being a nurse, it's really quite impossible to keep nail polish in good repair and chippy nail polish is second only to pedicure-needing feet in terms of grossness. So I rarely wear polish on my fingers. However, that does not mean a manicure is not in order, even if it is polish free. So I discovered the above product at the Target. Actually I purchased "Trim" brand for about $2. It's a four-sided block that shapes, buffs, smooths and shines the nails.
Ladies, this is the product of the day!
Follow the directions, each side of the block is numbered 1-4. The final result is smooth shiny perfect nails without polish. Natural yet manicured nails.
This might not seem blog worthy to you but three days into sitting on the couch drinking tea, it's the most exciting thing in my world after putting on a bra.
And seriously, do not neglect the mani-pedi!

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Louise said...

I have used one of these blocks so much I wore it out. Must buy another. Thanks for the reminder Thara.