Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is one of those days that makes me go grrrrrrrrr. It's a called-in-sick day. I truly despise calling in to work. I started feeling cruddy on Saturday night but I was working the weekend so I pushed through knowing on Monday I could recoup and presuming that by Tuesday I'd be back in business. Sigh. Nope. Here I am at home. Boyohboyohboy. My bread & cookie baking Monday didn't happen, nor did the errand running I planned.
It's so pretty outside and here I sit in my robe with my tissues and tea at my side feeling grumpy. This would be a great day for a million things except being home sick!
Now it's Plan C, surely on Wednesday I will be back in business!

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Debra said...

Oh! So sorry you're not feeling well, especially on a sunny day! Totally not fair....Feel better soon, ok? Hugs, Debra (And thanks for visiting my blog--it's always a treat to see you there!)