Thursday, April 01, 2010

He Never Lets Go

Well this long week is finally coming to an end. And not a minute too soon! The last week has had some highs and lows but most of all left me so thankful for the anchor of Christ that holds us steady, although sometimes it feels pretty rocky in the moment! Perhaps most of all I find myself in awe of the perfect provision of God. If we had faced the challenges in our lives a few years ago, our rebound time might have been much longer. It can only be the love of God that makes sure the good always outweighs the bad.
For instance, last Friday I was off because I worked the weekend. Somehow a few hours of errand running with Dean's parents turned into about 9 hours which meant we had no time together at all. Saturday I worked and he played at church in the evening. Sunday I worked and by Sunday night I was exhausted and to top it off, injured myself at work. Of course, what else could I do at this point except have insomnia? And Dean back to work on Monday despite the fact that it was my day off.
And here the Holy Spirit makes up for the large and the small that we lose, Dean got up and decided to take a vacation day to make up for our lost Friday. Such a simple thing but by midnight Sunday my non-sleeping self was feeling pretty bereft and pitiful.
Wednesday evening Dean's dad had an MRI appointment which had us out until 9:30 and tonight Dean is at practice. I'm hoping to get off of work around 3:00 and maybe have a little date night? But it's the Friday errands with The Folks so...Lord give me a patient heart and remind me that you give back more than we can give up.
Saturday will be spent cooking and cleaning house. Sunday is Easter which means joy, celebration, family and a long day at church. The Mr. will be there from about 8-3:00. And then Monday and then Tuesday and then another whole week.
It's ok because we have learned to always find our way back to one another and to rest and it is in that spirit that we are going here next weekend.
So color me tired and happy and inpatient and grateful and exhausted and energized and overwhelmed and confidant.
Sleep tight my friends!

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