Sunday, April 04, 2010

This Easter

How life changes. As I write this it is Easter Sunday morning at 9:30. The Mr. left for church almost 2 hours ago, he'll be there until about 3:00 and then he'll go spend some time with his parents. Mac is still asleep, I suspect Jay is too but he sleeps in his own home now. It's just me with my second cup of coffee and Shirley Temple on AMC. It's one of those beautiful crisp and sunny Michigan Spring mornings, mmm. Windows open just a crack because it's not exactly warm but I am inhaling the fresh air like the sweetest perfume.
I just put my croissants in the oven to rise for a few hours before baking. Once my coffee is finished I'll make pilaf to take to Amy's for dinner, transfer it to a crockpot to keep it warm. My chocolate bundt cake is done and I'm deciding how to complete it; glaze, chocolate drizzle, powdered sugar or an experimental strawberry glaze? Decisions decisions decisions. Then if I'm really adventurous I'll go out to the garage where a good portion of my housewares still reside in boxes to try to find my fancy pedestal cake plate with lid. Wow, I got that at my wedding shower in 1986!
Since then we've had such lovely Easter Sundays with little boys in new clothes and sunrise services and Easter baskets and if it wasn't snowing, the occasional egg hunt. The only grands, my kids were the recipients of Easter baskets on top of Easter baskets from grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents. Their childhoods were filled with "Up From The Grave He Arose!" and Sunday School teachers in bright dresses and corsages. It was good, it was the best way to grow up.
Today my grandparents who spent all of those years eating ham with those little boys are spending Easter with Jesus. Dean is playing bass for all five of our church's Easter services, starting last night and continuing through this afternoon. Jay and I went last night to church, Mac will go today with his girl Lexi. At 2:00 we'll meet at my sisters for dinner. Well, most of us. Dean will go to his parent's after church to spend some time with them because they aren't well enough to join us for dinner. Then he'll install the new door alarm we hope will stop his dad's wandering. I made some craisin bread to take over and his grandmother will be sharing dinner with them. The quiet and small celebration is a change from 40 years of 20 guests around a formal table for them. Still holding on to what is left, his mom wanted to make their own dinner with a Honeybaked Ham and her special sweet potatoes.
How life has changed. Dean and I are spending Easter apart because his service to church and his parents require that this is how it is this year. No Easter baskets wait on our kitchen table for little boys. I won't say there isn't some sadness for the time that is truly gone. But it's a small sadness. Much smaller than the happiness of memories for a lifetime done right. Not perfectly! But right, with Jesus and family at the center and no missed opportunities.
This year we're doing it right too. Different, but right. Jesus and family remain at the center and we have grown up enough to know that Christ brings blessing after blessing. I'm going to finish up this coffee and make that pilaf now. The Mr. just texted during a break at church that he loves me and he'll see me this evening. I don't have a new Easter dress, but I did buy a pink t-shirt from Old Navy! I don't mourn but sit with a silly smile on my face all alone in my kitchen.
Oh how lovely this life has been, handed to me with such extravagance! And oh how lovely this life is, today.
There is no "Up From The Grave He Arose" with an entire pew of grandparents and little boys this morning.
But in my quiet house a chorus swells...Great is they faithfulness, Lord unto me!
Happy Easter.
Pic: Easter 1991, Grampa Gerhardstein & Daboyz


Pat said...

My eyes fill with tears as I read this. I held that very picture in my hand this morning. For a family of working class people, we are so God's goodness. I humbly give thanks.

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy (late) Easter blessings Sis.