Thursday, November 04, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Because I know you need need need to know about our mini-vacation; here is the much anticipated Smith 2010 Anniversary Trip in review!
To your left, 24 years of marriage! Us on Lake Michigan.
I think I took roughly 200 pictures of our get-away but I won't bore you with all 200! Mostly scenery and the rest all of those fabulous Facebook shots (you know, holding the camera at arm's length for your own picture.) I took a lot of scenery because I want to make a grouping for our bedroom wall. If I ever actually do that, I'll take a picture of the finished product. I will just share the highlights of our trip and really, there isn't much exciting to say. We have always enjoyed our anniversaries as time to be quietly together; relaxing and appreciating all that God has given us. So... On Sunday afternoon we checked in to the Holiday Inn Express in St. Joseph. It was directly across the street from Lake Michigan up on a bluff. Let me insert a little Holiday Inn shout out here; we always reserve king jacuzzi rooms and we are never disappointed. Beautiful room with a kitchenette, giant jacuzzi, flat screen television and king size bed. During the late afternoon we took a leisurely walk along Silver Beach and were amazed at the breath-taking sight of Lake Michigan. I mean, we knew and yet you can't really know fully unless you are standing there how awesome God's creation is. It was windy and the waves were choppy and foamy. And on the beach it was cold! Still worth a slow walk to take it all in and feel those muscles relaxing.
Monday morning we had a small breakfast before heading out to Holland, MI. We traveled up the Michigan coast taking in the Autumn colors and then spent a few hours wandering in and out of galleries and small shops, finishing up with lunch before heading to the Holland State Park for more time on the Lake Michigan shore.

Back to St. Joseph in the evening we stopped for a jacuzzi warm-up and then to the beach again to watch the sunset. Are there words to describe it? Can a photograph even begin to capture it? No and no.

After the sun finally disappeared below the horizon, we went to Schu's for dinner. Steak for the Mr., grilled salmon for me. And then a stop at The Chocolate Cafe where the Mr. ran in to get us some hot cider to sip on our way home.

Tuesday we reluctantly checked out and drove east, away from St. Joseph and possibly the best anniversary trip we've ever enjoyed. Although I think I say that every year. Anyway...
Another stop in Marshall on the way back home for lunch and a stroll along main street including a stop at The Mole Hole to buy our annual Radko Christmas ornament. Every year the we get an ornament that reminds us of the year past. Here is the 2010 ornament choice. I'll tell you more about the reason why on another day.

The Mr. also picked this out......for the top of our electronic tower.
And that is the 2010 Smith Anniversary Trip. We had a great time and are happy to be home in a blessed and happy house where we continue to stand amazed by grace.

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