Friday, November 12, 2010


Wow, not a single post all week! That indicates a busy week I guess. Which it has been. I have had a sinus headache since last Friday. This morning I think it's a little better...thank you Jesus. Nothing touched it except the sinus medications that make you sleepy so I pushed through the week without much enthusiasm & only got relief when I went to bed.
I've also had two, yes two, different people this week accuse Dean or me of some very offensive stuff. Blaming us unfairly and being pretty aggressive about it. That probably contributed to my headache. With much prayer God enabled me to respond without anger but letting both of the people know that I would not receive their blame for things they were unhappy about. My flesh wanted me to list all of my defense arguments and throw in some of their own short-comings. But I didn't. I did my best to firmly set the limits of what I will tolerate. The real work comes in walking away without hardening my heart. Oh, how the enemy uses us against each other.
In other news, I attempted to make an appointment for new glasses but was informed that my insurance will pay for my exam now but not my glasses until January. Well that makes a tremendous amount of sense. Since I don't see the point in that, I'll wait until January. I am having my contact lens appointment today since insurance doesn't cover that. And I have a ton of housework to do since I haven't done anything around here all week except work and lie on the couch. Speaking of work, my weekend to work has rolled around again. Blech. But Dean has Monday off with me so maybe by then I will be headache free, chores done and can enjoy a day of rest.
And since, I didn't get to it yesterday, my thanks and love to everyone who has served in the military. It's a gift to your fellow man that I cannot comprehend.

Image: my computer on the old farm table that used to be in the kitchen on The Farm.


Margie said...

hello! I was kind of worried about you, so I prayed! seems you needed it! That's why we're sisters you know.

Mrs. Mac said...

You are so full of God's grace:) A shining example, thank you. BTW .. I LOVE the little archway and the colors on the walls.