Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Night Weekend

Too quickly the weekend has passed and Sunday evening is here. The new work week is just a good night's sleep away and I'm about to start just that in a moment. And, sigh, my weekend to work is just around the corner. Ah well.
We've had a lovely weekend which felt like it started with Thanksgiving since I was blessed to be off. I worked Friday but it seemed like just a blip in a long weekend. Yesterday I was informed of my Christmas gift from my Mr. so that I could give it my approval and into lay-away it went. I'll save the reveal for when it's here but suffice to say, I am so excited and beyond that I can hardly believe it! Now when you actually see what it is, it's sure to be anti-climatic. Then with more wonderful blessings Dean's aunt and uncle from Colorado surprised his grandmother and his parents with a visit and THEN when you think that you're full to over-flowing, Uncle Ken called to tell Dean he was buying his mom a lift recliner. You cannot imagine what a thrill this was to the Mr. and he can't wait until his mom sees her surprise gift arrive this week. She's been bed-bound for a month being unable to sit comfortable on a regular chair and has a hard time rising without his dad's assistance, which he's no longer able to provide.
This morning the Mr. pulled all of our Christmas decorations from the attic and we set about decorating our two Christmas trees and all of the extra touches that go along with them. And of course, it's a day of nostalgia as we pull out "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments, high school football get the idea. I bought Christmas cards during our anniversary trip and got those return-addressed and signed. They will go into the mail this week when I address them.
Our home is now decked out in holiday finery and we have settled in for a little relaxation in our sparkling house with a fire in the fireplace. Yes, I'm tired and I should get started on that good night's sleep but I wanted spend a few moments with you before I say good night.
And so, now I lay me down to sleep...:)

Image: our family room this evening (before we lit the fire!) Notice I failed to remove the Mr.'s tools from the hearth.


Mrs. Mac said...

How many trees did you put up?

Sara said...

Only two trees in the Smith house Mrs. Mac!

Pat said...

God is so good and so faithful!
How wonderful that Deans Mom is getting that lift chair!!