Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A True Story

When the young woman told her boyfriend that she was pregnant he first accused her of cheating. And then he said, "Get an abortion. I'll pay for it."
She chose to have her baby and so alone, she endured a difficult pregnancy while she worked full time to pay the rent on the apartment that would be her baby's home. She couldn't call in sick when she awoke vomiting and weak, there was no one else to go to work and pay the bills. She asked God, during those dark and frightening days, to soften the man's heart toward his child. She promised she would forgive him for his rejection. But the man never called and when she called him on the morning she gave birth to his daughter, he told her, "Go to hell" and hung up the phone.
The woman worked hard, finished school and was promoted at work.
One day when the little girl was four years old, the man finally called. "I want to see my daughter" he said. So the woman kept her promise to God and put her little girl into the back seat. But she was no longer alone. The man who had entered her life two years ago drove the car and held her hand as they made their way across town.
The father who had called for his daughter's death before her birth came out to the car and leaned into the window. He said to the little girl, "Hey there Beautiful, I'm your father." Then he looked into the front seat and pointed to the man in the driver's seat and said to the woman, "And who is this?"
Before the woman could answer, her daughter piped up in a happy voice from the back seat, "Don't be silly, that's my Daddy!"
Be very careful what you throw away, what you assume will always be there and what you treat with disregard.
It will be a kind of living death when one day, you see your treasure being lovingly cradled in someone else's arms.

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Trish said...

A beautiful story...sigh.
Miss you guys!!!