Monday, November 15, 2010

Uncomfortably Blessed

Listening to a radio show the other morning that was about weight loss, the doctor said that the greatest challenge to American dieters is that "Americans have an exceptionally low tolerance for discomfort of any kind."
Ain't that the truth?
That really does sum up the obesity epidemic in the United States. Our great blessings have made us not humbly thankful but turned us into gorging consumers in need of instant gratification. Hungry doesn't usually mean literally lacking food, it means not having immediate access to whatever we're currently craving.
I wonder how many people around the world even experience specific cravings. Or do they just become hungry because it's time to eat and then satisfied that they have eaten? We went to Applebee's the other evening for dinner because we didn't feel like cooking. Luxury. And then I had a silent invisible inside temper tantrum for a minute or two because they didn't have Weight Watcher's French Onion soup. They had tomato, chicken or potato soup. They had a 6 page menu of other options. But my supper was ruined! Well, not ruined but definitely disappointing.
Maybe this speaks only to me, but I do not want to be too weak to tolerate discomfort. As I rejoined Weight Watchers this week to re-lose that weight I've lost and regained, I know that my need for instant gratification got me here. Not just the caving in to fatty foods because they taste so good. But also the escape from boredom, sadness, frustration, tiredness that food provides me. The too many carry out/drive through/restaurant meals to avoid cooking and cleaning my kitchen because I'd had a long day. How many calories have I eaten to avoid discomfort?
Ahh, the high price of blessings. It reminds me again and again that although I know I cannot earn God's generosity, I can certainly be a better steward. Blessings do not cause a wise person to self-destruct.


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Debra said...

Amazing post because of its truth! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Debra