Monday, March 07, 2011

18 degrees of spring

18 beautiful sunny degrees in the Mitten this morning! You might think it's cold but it isn't. Spring degrees are different than winter degrees. I'm off work until Wednesday with this silly foot and today is the Mr.'s last day of bereavement so we are home together. He'll be going grocery shopping this morning since I'm a bit on the slow and clumsy side. I need to get a few birthday cards today so I might just hop over to Target. Don't be jealous of my glamorous life!

My current obsession is a greenhouse or garden window for my kitchen but did you know those things are expensive? Shesh! I was thinking in the hundreds not the thousands of dollars. I mean, I'd actually like a greenhouse but I'm thinking if a simple kitchen window is $1500 an entire greenhouse but be at least $2,000...LOL. Maybe I can start harvesting glass from abandoned houses and in 30 years I can build my own actual greenhouse. I'd like to attach it to the north side of my garage just off of my back porch. Wouldn't that be nice? In the meantime, I might have to collect McDonald's sundae cups with lids and have several miniature greenhouses. That should be attractive.

So, if you have a greenhouse that you would like to send me or if you have a few extra thousand dollars you need to get rid of, let me know. In the mean time, it's 18 spring degrees and I gotta get plantin'!

Image: Plants! Houseplants that are waiting to go back on the porch.


Odie Langley said...

Kind of funny Sara but a friend of mine in British Columbia, Canada had a picture she took of one built entirely with auto windshields. Very unique. Good luck making it happen.

Pat said...

When we replace the sliding patio doors at the cottage, I'll save them for you!

Margie said...

you live in Michigan (D-area), on your way to work, you could collect the glass from abandoned buildings... should take 5 minutes.