Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Peace, joy and grace

Good morning to you neighbors!

As you know, the last several days (few weeks) have been difficult and long ones for us. The Mr.'s dad passed away last Friday. On Saturday Dean's aunt and uncle arrived from Tennessee and have been with us, they are leaving today. Monday was eight hours at the funeral home for the viewing and Tuesday was the funeral. We cannot express enough gratitude for the love and prayers of all of you throughout this time. The peace of God was certainly felt every moment. Ben will be cremated and his remains interred in Alabama this summer at the little Baptist church where he was raised.

Dean's mom is doing pretty well although the true experience of being a widow will set in as the company leaves and she starts to live this new phase of her life alone. She will probably be moving back to Alabama to be near Dean's sister within the year.

And since we cannot do anything without a touch of the ridiculous, I will be going to urgent care shortly because I think I may have fractured one of the small bones of my right foot. How, you ask? Walking. I stepped down on it yesterday morning and sort of rolled it slightly as I was getting out of bed and felt a snap and have been in quite a little pain ever since. I am guessing at a stress fracture. I wrapped it and took 800 mg of Motrin to get through yesterday and was hoping it would be better today but not so. Can I just tell you that when a person is fat enough to break her foot bones by simply walking it is time to lose weight!

So we are happy to greet a new month and in a few weeks, the first day of Spring. The wind chimes are already announcing that March is blowing in like a lion. Birds are chirping in the trees in the morning and the sun is a little brighter, the days a little longer. Ben's in heaven so we don't mourn for him, we'll just miss him for a while. God is a keeper of promises, I've always thought that Spring time was proof of that.

Peace, joy and grace to you!

Image: The back porch last Spring.


Odie Langley said...

I praise God for your positive words and pray you will be better soon and all healed. The bradford pear trees here are fixing to burst into bloom and they will be so beautiful with their white blossoms. I love this time of the year. God bless..

Debra said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear about your foot. I'm glad that God is comforting you all so well and glad, also, that you are having better weather at this time than we are. :) Thanks for sharing...Debra

Trish said...

How is your brokened foot...did you get it Xrayed? I am nosey and want to make sure that you take care of yourself.
Big hugs!