Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spa Review Post

As mentioned last week, my sister Amy and I decided to treat ourselves to a mini-spa day. Also as mentioned, this is my first such experience. My thoughts...

The price, $99 for your choice of three treatments. Amy chose the pedicure, massage and facial. I chose the eye brightening treatment (which is really and add-on to the facial), facial and massage. If you've never indulged in spa services before, this is the perfect way to get a taste of the experience without dropping half your mortgage payment. As a side note, Sakora has all of their prices online. I really appreciate this as I could price the choices individually as well as part of the package and make an informed decision. This also allows me to skip the package and just have any individual treatment I'd like and know what I'm spending ahead of time. There are many salons (I checked) who list multiple spa services but not the prices. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't user friendly. I shouldn't have to do the leg work to decide if I want to pay a salon to take care of me. Also smart of the owner since I find myself putting aside money to treat myself occasionally knowing exactly what the cost will be.

The availability. Again, Sakora is very welcoming and the customer service is excellent. Whether on the phone or in person, they take the time to talk with you and help you decide what you need without pressure. They will work with you and even bring in staff who are not scheduled to give you an appointment that works for you. I checked on our spa day on Thursday evening hoping to schedule for Saturday morning for the two of us and they were able to accommodate my preferred day as well as time. Sakora also offers early as well as late evening hours which work for just about anyone.

The experience. Amy and I arrived at 10 and were warmly welcomed by staff that was clearly expecting us and prepared to take good care of us. The salon area is private with its own small lounge area with comfortable chairs, low lighting and the offer of coffee, tea or iced water in glasses or ceramic cups (this is a big deal to me, hate styrofoam and plastic.) Amy was scheduled first for her facial and I for my massage. The facialist was our hostess and explained what we should expect quickly putting us at ease. The massage room was painted a pale peach, low light and candle light with quiet music in the background. The massage table was in the center of the small room prepared with crisp white linens and a soft white blanket. The therapist asked me if I'd had a massage before and when I told her only once a long time ago she gave me a little orientation which put me immediately at ease. She stepped out allowing me to get ready for my massage (disrobe to undergarments and lay down on the table under the blanket on my tummy.) The massage itself was about 20 minutes long although you can schedule for as long as you like with an incremental adjustment in price. The foot of the table was raised to elevate my feet and the linens had been warmed. Micca (the masseuse) placed a slightly weighted heated pad on my upper back and ran her hands lightly over my legs, arms over the blanket. She then moved the pad onto my lower back/upper butt and began by massage my back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms and then finished with my feet and legs. In this case, Micca had a relatively light touch but one can request a deeper massage as well.

Afterward, Micca explained that she was finished and instructed me to take my time getting dressed while she brought me a glass of iced water. I was completely relaxed and admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Not to mention that Micca found those knots that seem to be always in my shoulders and rubbed them out completely. Who knew my shoulders had been tight for approximately 30 years?

I'll end there since this is running on rather long and post part two tomorrow, facial and eye treatment as well as Amy's pedicure.

Final thoughts on massage~worth the money and the experience of the professional massage is more than the work on your muscles. It really does usher one into a state of relaxation of the body and rest of the mind. For me as a Christian, the quieting of my spirit gave me a sense of rest in the Holy Spirit. Nothing is required except to be cared for and as Micca smoothed out my muscles I felt God smoothing out my heart. Not exactly going into the dessert to pray but certainly time carved out for the world to stay on the other side of the door.
Image: Sakora Spa & Salon, 15007 Eureka Rd., Southgate, MI


Elizabeth said...

Sounds wonderful!! I saw this place and wondered if it was the same place you go to. Nice to know :)

Diane said...

I have never availed myself of a spa day. I must say, it sounds yummy! My sisters and I have discussed it, but never done it. I think that may have to change very soon....perhaps as a Mother's Day treat for them and a tag-along for me! ;-)

Many hugs...........


Margie said...

glad you enjoyed it!

I had a massage too on Saturday, I get my nails did every week (yes, I realize a little ridiculous but it's me we're talking about so that's kind of normal) and once a month a I have a massage or pedi, because I'm spoiled. Even if I spoil myself.