Thursday, March 03, 2011


I went to Urgent Care yesterday and although the x-ray is inconclusive, the opinion is that I have a hairline fracture of one of the small bones of my right foot. Therefore, I am being treated for a fracture, fiberglass splint-wrapped-crutches. Very inconvenient! Turns out, if you use crutches because of pain in your foot, you will have less pain in your foot in exchange for pain in both arms. Tricky! If I'm still in pain next week, it's off to an orthopedist. I don't expect that will be necessary. On the bright side, I like nothing better than being at home so this gives me a grand excuse. On the less than bright side, everything I try to do takes twice as long and makes me sweaty.
And since I know you long for the nitty gritty of my life, I also have cramps that are not in my foot.
I just changed the linens on our bed which took about 20 minutes but it does look very nice now. :) I am taking a break and moving on to the next item. Happily, our washer/dryer is on the first floor so I will be able to keep up with what needs doing. Also happily, this is all stuff I really do enjoy so despite the gimpy foot, I'm right where I like to be. The Mr. and I are both off the rest of the week so he's here to holler at me to sit down and I'm here to holler at him to shut up, I am the doctor here. All in all, business as usual. I'm making goulash later!
Dean is doing well with the loss of his dad. Moving forward and spending lots of time with his mom. The loss of a Christian cannot be compared to the death of someone who didn't know Jesus. Dean's mom plans to move back to Alabama when the weather breaks to live with his sister. I have a personal theory that it is a little extra gift from God that Ben passed during the transition from winter to Spring. The bright sunny mornings and thoughts of gardens and flowers lighten even the heaviest hearts.
So I will leave you with the most recent words of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. Don't die without Jesus, it will make your loved ones sadder yet. Don't get so fat your feet break when you walk on them. Give yourself weekly pedicures so no one has to be grossed out looking at your feet if you do break them. By the way, my feet are always examination ready. What's grosser than gross feet? Pretty much nothing except for dying and going to hell.
You see how I tied that all together?


Stacy said...

Feel better!

Odie Langley said...

Hi Sara, Don't overdo and make your pain increase. This should be a time to be pampered. Good words from you as always I hope lots of people see them. Take care and hurry back with more wisdom.

Margie said...

lol you crack me up! pedi scheduled for tomorrow :)

donna said...

You tied it all together nicely...LOL!

Trish said... I need a Pedi. Lol.
Pray that you heal quickly and I don't have to tell you to enjoy your time at home...I know that you will!

Becky said...


Patty H. said...

My feet would gross anyone out, even me. It' sso easy to put socks on and forget about them. A pedicure would be nice. A foot massage would be nice.
Take care. I enjoy reading your post.
Patty H.