Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's get this weekend started!

Got any Memorial Day plans?  If you've got a hankering to play in the dirt, come on by!  We're doing yardification this weekend.  I, in fact, have taken a last minute vacation day today and I'm off on the holiday so I'm on a four day weekend....yahoooooooo!  The Mr. just woke up and I said, "Hey let's get going!"  and he said, "I'm gonna lay down for a little longer."

May 2011, prior to patio & berm...

I considered having a little something on Monday but decided to spare myself that pressure, although it's a pressure I enjoy, to concentrate on flowers, herbs, veggies and shrubbery.  The Mr. installed the privacy fence around our berm and now it's time to add the fun stuff to finish it up.  I have peonies waiting patiently for a permanent home, for starters. I've already been on the back porch this morning enjoying the cool breeze and a cup of coffee.  Donny and I had a meaningful conversation about butterfly bushes as well as the benefit of evergreens in the attracting of hummingbirds.  He wagged his tail enthusiastically when I told him that Jesus loves us.  He loves Jesus too ;)
He and I took a peek at the berry patch and agreed we could wait for the rain tomorrow to water it.  He's very knowledgeable about these things.
So that's all the news from this new old house!  There won't be a fabulous barbecue this weekend but if you stop by to help landscape, I'll make you a tall cold glass of lemonade!

Mother's Day 2012, patio done and berm in progress...

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