Monday, May 28, 2012

The Very Good Weekend

The long weekend is winding down and it's time to put my brain back into working girl gear.  How can the past four days have gone so quickly?  Equally important, will the next four be just as quick? 
We finished our landscaping and have fallen into bed each night utterly exhausted.  It's a good tired, the kind that makes even an insomniac sleep tight!  I've awoken happily at 6:00 a.m. in the quiet and enjoyed my coffee on the back porch with only the birds and a sleepy hound dog to keep me company.  This is how I imagine my someday retirement will be, and it makes the thought of getting old quite a lot sweeter.
On Monday morning I sat on the back porch with my camera and when all was said and done, I had snapped over 200 photographs of the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and Donny as they went about their business.  As I was sitting there still in my pajamas with my coffee in one hand and my camera in the other, my mind does what it does best.  It wandered.
I've often suspected that the quiet exterior life of the introvert is because there is just so much swirling about on the inside.  Either that or I'm mentally ill.  Either way, it is what it is. 
The result of the thinking, which is just the usual for me, is a new blog and you'll find the link to the upper right.  It's called 3070 and it's just the written word that expresses the way I see the world.  It's not a fairy tale and it has nothing to do with magic.  The only purpose is that someday maybe my grandchildren will be amused to have a story that happens just a step away as they sit on the back porch with me. 
Because this is a "book" for my someday grandchildren, I'm not worried about readers or followers or comments.  Should you visit, you'll see my profile pic is different.  That's the me who is the voice of 3070, the reader, the thinker and the inwardly busy introvert.
What a good weekend it's been, I hope you feel the same.   Here's hoping that tomorrow morning after coffee on the back porch, I'll have the wherewithal to tear myself away and go to work!

The view from the back porch.

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Mrs. Mac said...

You've created a little slice of Paradise right in your own backyard. You are wise (not mentally ill ;) about storing up little stories for future grandchildren. They really are fascinated and take your words seriously when they are young and impressionable. What a great thing that you are thinking ahead.