Thursday, May 17, 2012

Worried about tomorrow

Matthew 6:34 basically tells us, "Don't worry about tomorrow."  I was thinking about that verse this morning as I was also thinking about my weight.   Then I thought some more and envisioned the pile of work on my desk that I absolutely must complete today even if that means an extra long work day.  I'll be honest, I was finding not worrying about tomorrow to be a lofty goal.  I could continue the list of stuff that has me worrying about tomorrow but I suspect you have your own list.
That list includes things that you look forward to and worry that you won't get to enjoy as well as things you need to take care of that are a dark cloud over your head; correct?  Yup, I figured as much.
So how does a responsible person who takes her responsibilities seriously not worry about tomorrow?  The enemy, excellent liar that he is, will convince us ever so subtly that the worrying is what proves we are dependable upright people. 
The remedy for worrying about tomorrow is the stewardship we demonstrate over today.  Or the lack thereof, in which case, there is reason to worry about the consequences we have caused ourselves looming just over the next sunrise.  My weight is indeed tomorrow's worry for every today that I am irresponsible with my eating and exercise.  My work, on the other hand, is not worry worthy.  It is piled as high as an elephant's eyyyyyyye and it seems like it's growing clear up to the skyyyyyyy! (Sorry, a little show tune makes the day nicer.)
However!  That work is part of my job and if I continue day by day doing my job well, tomorrow will indeed take care of itself.  If I have to work late?  That's also part of my job for which I receive a paycheck.  I need only worry if I squander my day and miss the deadlines for my reports and responsibilities.  The natural consequence will be self-imposed.  The very worst kind.
If you do not want to worry about tomorrow, take very good care of today.  Discipline your mind so that your words are sweet and wise and you will not dread facing the embarrassment of your behavior.  Discipline your time so that your responsibilities are well managed and you will not dread the boss knocking on your door or your kids not having clean clothes for school tomorrow.  Submit to the discipline of the Holy Spirit who will teach you that what you think of as unpleasantness today (such as not eating a donut for breakfast!) will spare you worry tomorrow (such as hating the way you look in the mirror.) 
Give today to Jesus, and don't worry about tomorrow.

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JessicaChubb said...

Thank You for this! I needed that encouragement today as I got on the scale this morning and the number was much higher than I would have liked. Thanks for reminding me to take one day at a time. :)