Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long weekend

Bermscaping in progress

1.  Plants purchased for berm, next stop, planting them.
2.  Found a sweet little bird bath fountain clearanced for $27 & got the last one!
3. Time to push the fire pit to the side, campfire season has been temporarily suspended.
4. Current favorite drink; ice water with crushed ice & fresh lime.
5. Hair is barely long enough for a nubbin of a pony tail so guess how I'm wearing my hair?  It's too hot for vanity!
6. Speaking of vanity, I also have a giant sun visor.  I may look silly wearing it but I'll be looking lovely when I'm an old lady with young skin ;)
7. I need one or two of those hanging flower things that are actually plastic bags filled with flowers that grow over and cover the bags.  Where do I get those?
8. Why does Donny insist on drinking from the bird bath when he has a lovely large bowl filled with fresh cold water?
9. I lurv Burt's Bees lip balm.
10. I lurv my back yard.

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Trish said...

It is looking so purty guys! Kurtzhal's on Sibley Rd. had some nice green plastic hanging thingies. Just keep in mind they need LOTS and LOTS of watering on hot, sunny days. Especially Impations. Enjoy this lovely rainy morning...I am.