Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello there 2013!

As predicted, midnight struck and the Mr. and I were sound asleep!  Still, by all accounts, it seems that this is indeed a new year :)
We have some very exciting plans today, even more spectacular than last night's.  We are taking down our Christmas decorations.  Goodness, I wonder if TMZ has a camera crew on the way?  Mac is back to work this afternoon for the first time since injuring his ankle in October.  He's in physical therapy and doing well, we're believing there will be no surgery, thank the Lord.  Please pray for him as he goes back tonight for a great evening and of course, no more injuries!
The Mr. is in the basement making plans for a little renovation project he and daboyz are working on.  Nothing major.  The basement of this house was considered "finished" when my grandparents moved in 40 or so years ago but nothing has been done to it since so it's more than overdue for a freshening up.  We had a few floods so there was some minor damage to the floor and quite a lot of stuff that needed to simply be hauled up and out to the dump after getting wet.  We've since had the dreaded sewer pipe clean out and other things that I don't quite understand that have kept us flood free for two years so we feel we're safe getting in there and reclaiming the space.  We'll paint, work on the floors a bit and just make it habitable for when we may want it.  There's a shower and bathroom down there.  Nothing fancy by a long shot but still a nice thing to have.  In a small house, any extra space is valuable.  There is also a kitchen space, no appliances but cabinets and a sink.  Maybe someday we'll put a fridge and stove down there?  For now it's just a little spit and polish on the old girl. 
Tomorrow we're all back to work.  My surgery (breast reduction) is on January 14 and I'll be off work for two weeks.  This weekend we're going on a little get away before I'm out of commission.  Destination as yet undecided.  I suppose I gotta get movin'.  These Christmas decorations seems to be in every corner of the house and getting them all boxed and back in the attic seems like a monumental undertaking.  Have a great first day of 2013!

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