Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 with a grateful heart~

9/11, always such a deep quietness in this day, isn't there?  Well, for me at least there is.  I reminisce not just about the "where were you" of it, but of the time before and after.  I can barely remember the world minus the impact of those planes sometimes.  I hope all of us take some time to call out to God today, on behalf of this country and its leaders as well as for comfort for those whose grief is personal.
Today I finish day three of orientation in my new position, which I love :)  The organization I know work for is Catholic and it's like some kind of spiritual luxury to be in a workplace where Jesus is central and staff meetings open in prayer!  I knew hospice was an important call in my life but I've also found myself more excited about the true work of it as I've settled in day by day.  Lesson number one...hospice isn't sad!
This evening after work the Mr. and I are headed Up North until Sunday for some quiet time together and to soak in the fresh air.  I'm hoping this humid heat will have gone on its muggy way and we might have that crisp cold air that only Northern Michigan produces, it demands a fire and a s'more!
Time to don those scrubs I've missed for the last six years and go to work with a smile on my face and deep gratitude.  Gratitude for this new job, gratitude for my husband and the cottage in the woods where we'll spend a few days and deeply grateful for God's hand on this country that surely grieves Him daily.   

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