Saturday, September 07, 2013


1.  Spent hours and hours trying to incorporate my hospital office into my home office.
2.  Awakened rested and peaceful after eleven hours of sleep last night.
3.  Cleaned house in starts and stops and coffee breaks alllll day long.
4.  Listened to my Ipod, danced and sang really loud during #3.
5.  Actually stepped out onto my front porch to break up two neighbors fighting before I realized I'm not at work and also, I don't work there anymore.
6.  Transferred all of the photos I had on our PC onto our laptop.
7.  Laundrocized.
8.  Organized all of my school/career documentation.
9.  Sat down and read all of the cards and notes I've accumulated over my years as a nurse.
10.  Had a lovely day of peaceful thankfulness.  I resigned my position as a nurse supervisor yesterday and start a new chapter as a hospice nurse on Monday.  Life is good.

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Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, indeed, life is good! Now on to a new chapter :)